Outcall Massage Ibiza – Sex Massage Ibiza

Do you imagine enjoying a good session of sex in the shower before an outcall massage Ibiza? That at present is known as erotic shower is without any doubt one of the best possible sexual scenes that can be carried out, and it is that for many people, water has certain sexual connotation. And despite what many people wrongly believe, sex massage is an experience that goes far beyond the coitus and the genital region of the man and woman.

One of the great forgotten regions in the sex is the skin, as it plays a very important role in the sex due to the many new, erotic and different feelings it offers, different feelings that can be felt in the bed. To know the key point to enjoy a sexual meeting in the shower, or what it is the same, to enjoy a delicious erotic shower with your couple you should know what exactly this interesting proposal offers.

5 attractions: Sex in the shower

Enjoying a delicious erotic shower in Ibiza involves a series of attractions that you couldn’t find in the usual sex massage within a bedroom. Full sexual satisfaction doesn’t depend unique and exclusively on the coitus in the bed, enjoying the maximum sexual satisfaction implies enjoying new feelings and emotions, of new experiences, and having sex in the shower is one of the better ways of getting it:

• Sex toys: Although it is not essential, sexual toys can be used in the shower to help a get a higher stimulation and fun. Remember to use those ones which are waterproof, on the contrary, water could damage them.

• Erotic massages: The erotic shower is the perfect moment to enjoy sensual and delicious tantric massages with water slipping on your whole body. Doing an erotic massage in the shower helps to increase the excitation and ecstasy. Using the masturbation is ideal for this wet sexual meeting.

• Posture in the shower: The best posture to enjoy sex in the shower is standing, also known as the posture of the surprise, a comfortable and very pleasant posture for both. It is ideal as it allows a total penetration, allowing the man to play and stimulate the woman’s clitoris, besides having the absolute domination.

• Preservatives: The preservatives, when entering in contact with water, can be dried, impeding their right function. To avoid this situation, the most proper is to use a lubricant soluble in water; you should check regularly the condition of the preservative.

• Slips: It is important to be extremely careful to avoid slips and to have any unwished accident within the shower, so it is very important to take all the possible precautions regarding this, like having a rug to avoid slips and keeping the both feet firmly on the ground.