Outcall Massage Ibiza

All our Erotic Massage Ibiza are performed in your hotel room in Marbella and the surroundings; therefore, you could enjoy a splendid experience at physical and mental level that will take you to the maximum plenitude. Our team of masseuses has training and specific experience in the arte of the erotic, sensual massage Ibiza and tantric massage.

We can perform your erotic massage in your hotel room where you can enjoy it on a physical, mental and energetic level. At our agency you can choose from a wide range of tantra massages in San Antonio, of varying levels of interaction, intensity and eroticism, all designed by our most experienced erotic masseuses Ibiza and our Tantric master Gerard Ribó.

Happy Ending Massage Ibiza and San Antonio

Take a look at our exclusive massage menu and start enjoying our sex massages Ibiza now:


This massage is realized on a table, it’s a therapeutic descontracting massage, from head to feet with creams for facial massage. It’s not an erotic massage Ibiza. Only in the massage center. The male masseur or female masseuse is dressed.

1 HOUR: 150€


In this erotic massage Ibiza you cannot interact with the tantra masseuse Ibiza, while you enjoy the body to body, the tantric positions, and end with a lingam massage. It also includes a soft prostatic stimulation (optional).

1 HOUR: 200€ / 90 MINUTES: 250€

2 HOURS: 350€


Our star massage, it includes all types of oriental tecniques, body to body massage, thai with legs and feet, and tantra postures. You can interact with the tantra masseuse Ibiza, you will be guided by his/her hands. It also includes a prostatic massage (optional).

45 MINUTES: 200€ / 1 HOUR: 250€

90 MINUTES: 350€ / 2 HOURS: 450€


This tantra massage is the most exclusive one. You will enjoy all the tecniques described above, the Special Erotic Shower, and you will feel the erotic masseuse completely nude. Not all our masseuses perform this nuru massage Ibiza, we recommend you to consult beforehand.

45 MINUTES: 220€ / 1 HOUR: 300€

90 MINUTES: 425€ / 2 HOURS: 550€


In this erotic massage Ibiza all the sensations will be multiplied by four since you will have two masseuses for you. You will feel four hands and two bodies on your body. You will enjoy this sensation like you have never enjoyed it before.

45 MINUTES: 400€ / 1 HOUR: 500€

90 MINUTES: 700€


You can enjoy the couple massage Ibiza experience with your partner. Nothing better than sharing the sensual erotic massage with your couple, the person with whom you share many of your experiences. At the individual level increases the level of enjoyment, for the morbid of the situation. As a couple massage, nothing brings more than sharing the sensuality of a massage of this type.
The male masseur Ibiza or erotic masseuse always be adapted to the intensity you need. The couple massage in Ibiza is perfect as a preliminary to sex ritual with your partner, and relaxing at the same time stimulates, arouses and enhances sexual energy. You can escape the routine and experience new sensations with our masseuses and male masseurs.

 1 MASSAGE THERAPIST – 1 HOUR: 250 € / 90 MINUTES: 350 €

2 MASSAGE THERAPISTS – 1 HOUR: 500 € / 90 MINUTES: 700 €


In addition to our range of happy ending massage Ibiza, we offer VIP services for special clients who are interested in enjoying other tantric pleasures, beyond sensual massage.

Here are some of the delicacies on offer:

    • Tantric massage courses, and more advanced tantra
    • Private tantric parties
    • Shows with some of our masseuses
  • Massages in alternative places and situations
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All our male masseur Ibiza in Ibiza are experts in the art of massaging and giving pleasure to men. All massages include Lingam Massage.


All the massages are carried out to men and women by any of the male masseur Ibiza or female masseuses in Ibiza. All the massages include a Yoni Massage.


This is a very special extra service. It offers you the opportunity of sharing a shower with your erotic masseuse Ibiza, creating an intimated bond and feeling the pleasure of his /her caresses under the water. It is performed before the sensual massage Ibiza. You cannot interact with the tantra masseuse Ibiza.
*It doesn’t take time away from the massage.

PRICE: 30€

Sensual Sex Massage Ibiza

Each of our erotic massages is designed with certain characteristics, whilst allowing for a certain degree of flexibility so that your erotic masseuse can adapted your session to suit the intensity of pleasure and degree of satisfaction that you desire, as well as letting you fulfil your fantasies. Please note that you can tell us about any fantasy you may have when you make your booking and also that touching our tantric therapists’ genitals is not permitted. If you would like this kind of interaction, please inform us beforehand. For optimum satisfaction we recommend a minimum session of 1 hour, as our tantra masseuses need an hour to give you pleasure and help you reach an absolute state of ecstasy. You can either enjoy your massage tantra Ibiza at our centre or in your home or hotel room. Our sensual massage menu features a range of Tantric techniques of varying erotic intensity. These are the main techniques:

    • Body to body massage: the erotic masseuse uses her body to massage and stimulate you. This is a highly erotic massage Ibiza that makes for very intense sensations.
    • Tantric postures: together with body to body massage, these postures will make the masseuse´s body and caresses feel highly intimate and sensual.
    • Prostate massage for men: an excellent way to enjoy new pleasures and discover the satisfaction that stimulating the male G-spot gives you. Our sensual masseuses or male masseurs in Ibiza have been fully trained for this type of tantric massage.
    • Controlling male ejaculation: using secret Tantra techniques, the erotic masseuse can give you an intense orgasm whilst avoiding ejaculation. By using this method, you can preserve your energy and vigour for the rest of the day or to reach another orgasmic peak. You can also learn the techniques so that you can practice it yourself.
    • Yoni massage for women: an ancient art at your disposal. Yoni massage Ibiza is the fruit of having studied and perfected female genital massage. It includes stimulation of the female G-spot and can produce female ejaculation (or squirting).
  • Lingam massage for men: the tantra masseuse´s expert hands stimulate the genitals using techniques designed to take you on a journey of profound ecstasy until you climax. It also helps considerably to improve premature ejaculation and impotence.