Erotic Massage Ibiza – Nuru Massage

Ibiza is undoubtedly one of the best travel destinations, especially in the summer. And when the beaches become crowded, it’s always worth driving extra kilometers in search of the hidden beaches and coves of Ibiza. All in our erotic massage agency we really love and enjoy Ibiza and its hidden places, that is why this post focuses on these hidden, prettier and relaxed coves on the island. Try out a nuru massage by any of our erotic masseuses Ibiza, you will feel real pleasure.

Atlantis (Pedrera De Carla D’Hort)

This is an absolute paradise, despite the fact that getting here means traversing an enormous sand dune. This, however, shouldn’t present a problem to the fit and healthy. The site was previously a quarry. It is located seven kilometers from San Josep, within the boundaries of Cala d’Hort Wildlife Park. And while bathing during high tides isn’t recommended, the natural pools of crystalline waters are both a unique attraction and absolute delight.

Cala D’En Serra

Cala d’en Serra is a tiny cove located close to Portinax and nine kilometers from San Joan. It’s surrounded by un-spoilt natural surroundings, and offers its visitors a breath of pure, Mediterranean air. You will find a few changing cabins as well as a beach bar in the area. Snorkeling gear is recommended for the nature lovers. Hard-soled shoes are also recommended when bathing to avoid getting hurt by sea urchins or rocks. This beach is one of our erotic masseuse‘s favorites, it is easy to find them there pretty often.

Es Canaret

Located six kilometers south of San Joan, Es Canaret is a tiny cove found next Cala Xaracca. It’s yet to be explored by many people because until recently, it was not easy to access. Nevertheless, it’s a hidden paradise with sandy sea beds and turquoise waters. It can be accessed via traversable trail and is the perfect solution for those looking for a quiet getaway.

Cala Codola

Of all the beaches and coves mentioned here, this one gets the most attention and for good reason. Codolar is located seven kilometers from San Josep, and despite its always crowded atmosphere, it’s actually very friendly and relaxing. Bathers can rent sun loungers for relaxation, opt for an erotic massage Ibiza, or explore the underwater world. There is also a small beach bar where one can unwind with a drink or two.


It is located only four kilometers from the city of Ibiza and it’s one of the most peaceful getaways in the area. Not many people go here, as they like to avoid the uncomfortable trek by land. There is a long stretch of both sandy and rocky areas where visitors can throw down their towels and sit in complete silence. There is also a small beach bar that offers an opportunity for one to recoup.